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We provide a chimney repair and maintenance service and can make regular checks of chimneys and  carry out repairs to the chimney lining, chimney pot, flashing and also do flue cleaning.  

The chimmney is the one area of a property which is the most exposed and is subject to harsh conditions all year round. The chimney, experiences extremes in weather from very hot weather to very cold weather and suffers from condensation and the various hot chemicals from the flue gases.

The chimney being so exposed to these harsh elements, means that problems are common but they can be prevented, by regular checks and if a problem has occured, we have the experience to repair the chimney quickly and a competitive cost.

Chimney Inspections and Repairs

The chimney stack needs to be regularly checked so problems can be seen before they reach a critical stage. For example, the chimney flashing should be inspected on a regular basis so the seals and weather proofs where the stack meets the roof, can be checked to see that the mortar and flashing are secure.  

Chimney inspections can save you money in the long run but if your chimney does need a repair now, we can provide a competive quote so contact us today and we will pleased to help.