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Skylight Windows

A skylight window is simply a roof window in a room and its not only one of the best investments you can make in terms of increasing the value of your property. A loft or roof window, introduces more natrual light and by doing this the room and people using will benefit in several ways.

Introducing more natural light into your home from one or more skylights will have a positive affect on the room in the following ways: The room will feel bigger and more spacious, more natural light means the room as a positive effect on those who use it, provide additional ventilation and decrease overall energy costs. We can install skylight windows or repair existing windows and we also deal in all the major brands including Velux windows.

Velux Windows.

Velux are probably the most popular skylight windows and there windows are well known for tthere quality, durability and good looks. The name VELUX actually comes from two Latin words Ventilatio and LUX, with lux meaning light and Ventilatio meaning ventalition.

For over 60 years VELUX Ltd has supplied the best in roof windows and the company has a wide extensive range of windows in all shapes and sizes to help enhance any property large or small. So if you want any type of roof window insatalled or repaired - contact us for a competive quote and we will be pleased to help.